More Photos From Amador

Cerro Punta

Near Vocano Baru

This volcano known as Baru is 3,474 m and it last erruption occured in 1550 . This is also the highest mountain in Panama. There is a steep and rough road to the top for those who like to hike. Those who have made it to the top have said that is all very worth it as the views from the top of the mountain are simply spectacular and breathtaking especially is you are lucky and there is no significant fog as you would be likely to see both Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean and a clear view of Costa Rica as well.

The Congested Panama , Costa Rica Border



As you can see from these photos the Panamanian and Costa Rica border are divided by simple Green colored cones that serves to divide the Country line. Is quite interested and by the way you need to keep your eyes fully open as these area are highly congested and is a real task to cross from one side to the other as traffic signs or traffic order are none existent. Pedestrian safety are not guaranteed by any stretch of the imagination either by the traffic madness or the many un-genuine street vendors who might just try to sell you reproduction pieces of electronics such as cell phones , watches , I pods etc., at a good price and all you would get in return is a fake piece of Chinese made toy. Other great piece of advice, watch your purse or your wallet !